A downloadable game for Windows

M(G)SPAINT is a duo effort by Parfait Games, and our first published game, made for the Paint Jam 2017 @ itch.io
This fan game is a parody of the Metal Gear Solid series by Konami, all credit to them for the original work.
Inspirational material is from the whole series, mainly MGS and MGSV.
All assets are drawn by us.

Game is and will always be free to play!

The game takes you to an exciting mission with our hero Sturdy Serpent to a certain facility to stop a nuclear threat.
You control Serpent through the level, using your pistol to take out guards on the way.

Conception to completion was about 48 hours of work and was a lot of fun!
All assets drawn without a drawing tablet.
Uses only comic sans for any in-game font.
It's a 3d game using only flat images with no meshes except for terrain and colliders.

Controls for keyboard and mouse, no gamepad support.


WASD for movement

Mouse to aim

Left mouse button to shoot


E to use codec, also pauses the game

Left mouse button to choose frequency

E to move to next line in codec

ESC to exit codec and continue game

Pick up rations to gain lost health

UPDATE: 1.01

Fixed codec control issues

Fixed some codec lines

Added exit game button to codec

Fixed issues with pathfinding

Added credits.txt to game archive

Feel free to contact us at parfaitdevs@gmail.com,
and leave a comment

Have fun!

meringueDev & jaywalkerDev
Release date Mar 20, 2017
AuthorParfait Games
Tags3D, Mechs, Parody, Stealth, Story Rich, Tactical, Third Person
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse

Install instructions

Extract the archive and start mgspaint.exe.




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those buns...

Thank you so much for the video and feedback!

We agree that the game can be very confusing and will address that in the future. : )

I thought that was mostly a feature :)

It's just that I haven't played MGS for so long, I forgot so much... so it's mostly my fault for not being target group (big mgs fans) ;)